In the Summer 20 release, the componentInstances property for FlexiPage regions has been removed. These need to be replaced with itemInstances as outlined in the release notes. More details on the structure of an ItemInstance metadata type is in the guide. For orgs that have been refreshed into the new version (like sandboxes and your production org at the ...


Personally I would say it was a bug that this worked before. Are you aware that the fields array does not need to be a constant and can be dynamically generated? Here I do this, just to get the correct object's external ID (see the documentation for how and when an implicit objectApiName can be used, similar to recordId): export default class ...


It's not automated. It's essentially a manual task checklist you can use to confirm which critical updates you've looked at or what steps you've done (steps provided by Salesforce). Your progress bar will update as you check off items in the checklist If you click on "Get Started" on a given update, you'll see a list of items to complete below the &...


I just tried this and it works without any issues. Here are couple of steps I recommend you double check, Make sure you are on latest version of SFDX CLI by running sfdx update Make sure the apiVersion is specified as 49.0 In your sfdx-project.json make sure it is 49.0 "sourceApiVersion": "49.0",


This is a known issue documented here. The issue has been identified as a Chrome issue than the salesforce issue. The timing of the chrome issue and Salesforce release is a coincidence. You can follow the bug here Hopefully, this will be resolved with the next Chrome update. UPDATE This has been fixed now by chrome!


After reading the documentation clearly, I have realized that the feature is available in Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited editions only. Also, it requires Service Cloud Einstein add-on license. In my case, the org is Unlimited edition but the license was not available and that is why the option is not visible in setup. ​​​​​​​ I also have verified in ...


Guest user security updates do NOT affect creating records - except in scenarios where they're creating records tied to other records that they don't have access to or doing subsequent updates in automation that follows the creation of the record.


Pchittum - Is 100% correct but in case you landed on this page because you stuck trialhead badge "Develop an App with Salesforce CLI and Source Control" step - "Develop the Map Component" Please change the source-APi in your sfdx-project.json file as 48 to proceed with the project.

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