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An SObject by itself can be cast to EmailTemplate, however, Map cannot, that happens, because you may have not only EmailTemplate as values in Map, but also other SObjects. Example: Map<String, SObject> sobjectMap = new Map<String, SObject>(); sobjectMap.put('red', new Account(Name = '123')); sobjectMap.put('green', new Contact(LastName = '123')...


You can easily parse your String into Map and then serialize Map itself. Here is an example how to do it: String toMap = 'Profile:[UID=, crmId=0000o00002XXXXxXXX, email=top@top.com, firstname=null, lastname=test]'; Map<String, String> ans = new Map<String, String>(); String actualValues = toMap.substringAfter(':'); actualValues = actualValues....

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