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Not able to logout and login without closing app and use SmartStore and MobileSync again

The application should be careful not to hold on to instances of smartstore or mobile sync manager after a logout. The fact it works on restart means it is probably what is going on. One way to ...
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1 vote

Query data from SmartStore(Local) using Where Condition

Ok this Query Works to select using Where Condition 'JSONArray result1 = smartStore.query(QuerySpec.buildSmartQuerySpec ("select {Note:subject},{Note:note} from {Note} WHERE {Note:...
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Smartstore/Smartsync - Create related objects

Some functionality to handle this has been added in Mobile SDK v5.2. The docs on the website don't reflect this new functionality yet, but the PDF in the GitHub repository does. Ctrl+F for "...
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error while using smartStore in salesforcemobilesdk-ios

It is looking like you have made a store declaration wrongly. Everything is perfect. globally you need to declare a store variable var store = SFSmartStore() in your viewDidLoad() store = ...
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