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How to close lightning-combobox menu items when scrolling the page in LWC?

You can add an onfocus attribute to your lightning combobox. Then you can create a method like handleFocus. Inside this method, you need to add an event listener to the parent component or window. P.S....
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Way to preview slds classes

I would normally do this in my browser's document inspector (after deploying an initial version of a component). Inspect the element, then double-click into it in the inspector DOM view to add classes....
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How do I expand a table column that has a LWC Component inside

I am sure there are other ways to do this but the simplest way is to add two table rows inside an iterator. Before that, you will need to add two additional attributes isExpanded to the list that you ...
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How can we change the css for lightning input toggle or change the standard defined css to our own?

As of now, it can be achieved using the following styling hooks. .toggle { --slds-c-checkbox-toggle-color-background: #78d301; --slds-c-checkbox-toggle-color-background-hover: #78d301; --sds-c-...
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