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Here the Salesforce link for the issue, hope it helps!


I work for an ISV and we recently received some reports from customers of the same error. We've narrowed it down to the following: This only affects those who've have had a Salesforce IQ application installed in their Org. Uninstalling alone doesn't resolve the problem. This only occurs in Spring 20 pre-release sandboxes. We've seen this specifically in ...


I'm posting as an answer. There are couple of issues with your code. Email Template query is returning more than 1 record however you're storing it in a single instance. SOQL's written in for loop. For temporary fix, get the list of Email Template and then use the [0] index record. Refer below code for reference: global void execute(Database....


This may have been included in the code you didn't post, but both rRecord and rpRecord are of type list<Renewal__c>. It would seem to me that if you use Limit 1 on both of those queries, they can just be Renwal__c records and won't need to be lists. Otherwise, your code will need to get the values of rRecord[0] and rpRecord[0] which could possibly be ...

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