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It appears that you've put into the Contacts variable. This is problematic, because relationship fields are not populated by default, and as it so happens, Boolean values default to a false value if you try to reference them without querying them. You can easily verify this behavior with this simple Execute Anonymous Script: Contact c = new ...


Answering to add to KB of these often inscrutable errors. There could be several reasons but in our org, here was the issue: OWD: Account and Contact: Private Order: Controlled by parent Account sharing rule: RecordType Foo: Shared Read/Write with Group A RecordType Bar: Shared Read/Write with Group B Users/Ownership Running User: Alice Order's Owner:...


You would need the "Manage Sharing Calculation Deferral" permission in order to view those buttons. Documentation


There's two types of controls you're asking about: sharing and profile permissions. The read-write restriction on master-detail relationships only cares about sharing, not profile permissions. If sharing says a user can edit a record (even if the profile restricts it), then they can create child records. This is the intended behavior of master-detail ...

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