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Is it possible to stop/clear/refresh the source tracking for a single file?

You do this using the .forceignore file. This is similar to .gitignore in that it lists files and file path patterns (using wildcards) that should not be synced between your file system and the org ...
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3 votes

Not able to delete second generation unlocked package

'Delete Second-Generation Packages' can work OK with the following: User: License: Salesforce Limited Access - Free Profile: Limited Access User Permission Set: User License: Salesforce Limited ...
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2 votes

updating from sfdx-cli to sf

This will be taken care by sf(v2) as mentioned in the official documentation Move from sfdx (v7) to sf (v2). Once you migrate successfully, both sf and sfdx commands will work as sfdx is now aliased ...
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Data command missing in sf CLI

Version 1.44 is old, the current version a time of writing is 2.21 (a difference of a few hundred releases!) So the fix here is simply one of the common IT troubleshooting steps, making sure you're on ...
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