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So, use a Scheduled Flow that runs daily In the first condition block, determine if the current date is a valid mid quarter date If NO, do nothing If YES, then use Flow Action elements to send emails


Please create a new workflow rule. In criteria condition you need to check it's meet your condition as, Condition on role of Contact AND date (mid of first month quarter/ end of second month quarter) Then after you can create an e-mail alert action to send email to the required members. Please let me know if it helps. Thanks.


Issue here is contructed of this class is not global. Without global constructor you will not be able to schedule the class from your subscribers code. But if manage package provides any Ui to schedule then you can schedule this class in subscribers org. So there are 2 solutions:- Create a Ui from where you can schedule the class in subscribers org. Make ...


Generally speaking, CRON expression allows to specify minutes and hours of the job. For minutes, it is possible to specify at which minute of an hour job should be run. For hours, hours can be specified via enumeration (2,4,6) or via once per how many hours (*/2). Taking that into account, following CRON expression can be used: 0 30 */2 * * ? 0 30 0,2,4,6,8,...


can scheduled jobs from Apex give such issues or this is just the time based workflow thing? Apex Queueable, Batchable, Future methods, and Scheduled Jobs use the Asynchronous Apex limits, namely 250,000 executions per day. This limit is shared across all four types, and is enforced at execution time, not when the action Workflow Rule or Flow is initially ...

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