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You don't need to do anything custom. If you use open ID connect then the authentication provider will store the access token and the refresh token in the platform for you so that when you want to call out to your third party system you can simply use Apex to retrieve those tokens. Note that the refreshing of the token is also handled for you. That said this ...


From documentation: When defining a service provider, if the Subject Type is Username, the Salesforce organization ID is prepended to the user name in the SAML assertion. For example, if the user is, the subject for the SAML assertion contains If the Subject Type is Federation ID, the exact federation ID is ...


You can hopefully encourage Saelesforce to come through for everyone by voting for this idea


Actually I know you asked that answer earlier and I also need the same functionality so, I am able to figure out salesforce provide API to get the details of SSO and to generate the URL for the SSO link as well. Might be helpful for others facing the same issue. Following code, the sample will be helpful String communityUrl = ''; String startUrl = ''; Auth....

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