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Initialisation of SFMCSDK is not compatible with Objective-C

First you need to create pushConfigBuilder and build the PushConfig. Then initialize the sdk as shown below: PushConfigBuilder *pushConfigBuilder = [[PushConfigBuilder alloc] initWithAppId:@"&...
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Getting FeedComment Post's Data

To query FeedComment from the database you'll first need to query one FeedItem and in its SOQL query also request the related FeedItems like so: FeedItem record = [ SELECT Id, ...
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Marketing Cloud - Sharing App events/stats with Salesforce from the Client Application

As far as I know there is no general API to log events from iOS app to marketing cloud everytime. But you can make use of additional attributes or tags to capture the user's interest page, products ...
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Ionic Cordova windows 10 app with SalesforceMobileSDK

The Salesforce Mobile SDK does not windows. To get a native Windows app you could use a solution such as MobileCaddy (full disclosure, I work for them), there may be other solutions also. Apps built ...
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