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Salesforce DX is a broad reaching project touching a number of different features including: Salesforce CLI, IDE 2.0, support of standard developer toolsets, and Packaging 2.0. Since fixing unsupported Metadata API types is also a part, some MDAPI posts could be tagged, too.

At Dreamforce 2016, a next generation toolset was announced under the umbrella of Salesforce DX. This new toolset included a vision of, "moving the source of truth outside the org".

Questions relating to Salesforce DX could include topics such as:

  • The new Salesforce DX CLI tool.
  • The developer hub org feature.
  • The next generation IDE, dubbed Force IDE 2.0 that makes use of the new CLI features, including the ability to execute commands directly from within the IDE environment.
  • CI processes using Salesforce DX tools
  • The source sync API that allows automatic syncing of metadata between certain types of orgs and the local environment.

As of July 2017, the official status of the Salesforce DX project is open beta.