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Apex Test in VS Code: "Faye client generated a transport:down event"

Just got this same error. A test that normally has ~150ms was hanging for about a minute. Then it also automagically resolved itself and ran correctly. Found this trailhead answer which also seems to ...
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Facing "Error: unable to get local issuer certificate Code: UNABLE_TO_GET_ISSUER_CERT_LOCALLY" when trying to update CLI. How to overcome this one

After my company started using ZScaler, I was also unable to retrieve and deploy code. The command about did not work for me. I needed to get with my IT department and have them add the following URL'...
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Error after installing Salesforce CLI

The error you are encountering indicates that there is a compatibility issue between the Salesforce CLI and Node.js regarding the use of ES modules (ECMAScript modules). This is likely due to the fact ...
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Error when installing salesforce code scanner

Can you try the following ? sudo npm install @salesforce/cli@latest -g
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Is there a sf command to list all apex classes in my Org?

sf org list metadata provides a JSON-formatted output of any kind of metadata in the Metadata API, including Apex Classes. In addition, sf data query can return the records in CSV format. sf org list ...
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