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Questions relating to the `sfdx` binary that is supplied as part of the tools suite for Salesforce DX.

The Salesforce DX tools focus around the open APIs of Salesforce as surfaced in the Salesforce DX command line interface (CLI).

The CLI is a binary that is downloaded and installed locally on the developer/admin/operations machine to act as a client to the many Salesforce APIs which support developer workflow. This CLI is the specific subject of this tag including:

  • sfdx binary
  • sfdx force plugin
  • eventually other community and third party plugins that support development on

Typically questions about use of the heroku CLI (formerly called "toolbelt"), including the new sfdx heroku plugin as surfaced in the Salesforce DX CLI should at least also mention that tag, or should in some cases probably only mention that tag. Use your best judgement.