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10 votes

How to switch between Salesforce DX orgs/projects when using Visual Studio Code

When you run sfdx force:config:set the value is set at the project level unless you use the -g flag. So running sfdx force:config:set defaultusername=alias in a project folder will make that the ...
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9 votes

SalesforceDX: Log in to sandbox by username/password from command line without browser involved

sfdx force:auth only provides the JWT and web OAuth login methods: sfdx force:auth commands: (get help with sfdx help force:auth:COMMAND) force:auth:jwt:grant authorize an org using the JWT ...
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5 votes

SalesforceDX: Log in to sandbox by username/password from command line without browser involved

You could use the auth command from the sfpowerkit plugin: sfpowerkit auth:login It supports login with username-password combination (probably will need ...
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4 votes

Salesforce DX authentication URL Expiration date

In the Salesforce CLI command reference, it describes the way to create valid sfdx auth urls as either of these two formats: force://<refreshToken>@<instanceUrl> force://<clientId>:&...
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3 votes

"fatal signup error" when creating scratch org

Are there any other details in the error message? There are a lot of discussions around scratch org signups on the official Salesforce DX group page today:
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2 votes

Unable to authorize the org in vscode

I checked system variables found the cause of the problem: missing C:\Windows\System32\ variable. I added it and that solved my problem Hope, it help you too.
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1 vote

VisualStudioCode. SFDX: Authorize an Org. Time out error

There can be multiple reasons for timeout: network traffic between the environment you execute this command in and salesforce is not whitelisted programs in the environment you are in blocks it (like ...
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1 vote

Sfdx Auth Url is getting expired after certain time

The Sfdx Auth Url should never expire unless someone is revoking it manually or you have your own connected app and set the policies to say "immediately expire refresh token " or "Expire refresh token ...
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1 vote

I haven't access to the [ScratchOrgInfo] object

you have to enable Dev Hub in your ORG. (Setup --> DevHub) This successfully fixed the problem for me and was able access to the [ScratchOrgInfo] object and create my Scratch Org. See the following ...
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1 vote

Programatically add org authentication to SalesforceDX

You can use JWT grant command, as explained here : ( follow all the steps, and if you need to easily ...
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