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Salesforce to Salesforce (also referred to as Salesforce2Salesforce or S2S) is a point-and-click integration tool that allows you to sync and replicate data between two orgs for custom objects and some standard objects.

Salesforce to Salesforce is a point-and-click integration tool that allows you to replicate data between two orgs. It enables business collaboration both within and across Salesforce organizations. This allows you to share lead, opportunity, account, contact, task, product, opportunity product, case, case comment, attachment, or custom object records with your business partners that use Salesforce and get real-time updates on the shared data. For example, you can share lead and opportunity data with business partners and manage your entire pipeline and programs within Salesforce.

Salesforce to Salesforce allows you and your business partners to collaborate more easily and effectively. With Salesforce to Salesforce, you can share records with one or more connections, and each connection can accept records you share with them - even if other connections have accepted the same record.

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