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Calling REST APIs without storing SF credentials on the client side

You are probably going to be using one of two Connected App solution approaches: an OAuth Refresh Token (stored securely by your server) for each of your 5 orgs. You will likely use the web server ...
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salesforce mobile sdk 5.0 CORS error while rest api using force.js

You did all the right configuration on the app side but you missed one on the Salesforce side. You need to register the app domain under Setup: Administer > Security Controls > CORS This ...
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Android Hybrid Remote App - On clicking Push notification open a specific app Page instead of Landing Page

Finally I was able to get a solution on this so in case anyone running into Similar situation, We need to utilise the "OnDeviceReady" event to achieve this, Steps involved in the Solution Since we ...
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Hybrid iOS app using Mobile SDK - Defer login screen until triggered

So the hybrid app is just a wrapper for your Salesforce Community? If that is the case could you not just replace the community login page with your own custom Visualforce SPA that contains all the ...
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Cannot find module 'forcejs'. while using angular 2 in ionic 2

Finally I was able to solve this. For now - we can use relative path of ES6 .ts files to be used as import modules in app.js. I moved the force ts file to local app.js folder.Structure - After ...
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