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Can you please try the below code. The Query which you used above is not queried based on the opportunity id. Add if any additional fields or filters required in If condition or in the query. trigger PaymentScheduleRecords on Opportunity (after update) { List<Payment_Schedule__c> paymentSchedule = new List <Payment_Schedule__c>(); map<id,...


That article is correct, you must have your CRM user integrated with your Marketing Cloud user to be able to use that Unsubscribe link, along with those other two links. The following doc will also walk you through integrating both of your users: Connect your Marketing Cloud user with your Salesforce user


I think you've outlined all the possible solutions to storing data in Salesforce. Because of your requirements which include using standard reporting and automation, you can't consider all the solutions. Big Objects: While it can easily handle the data volume, you can't have triggers or reporting. External Objects: You can report on external objects, but you ...


You can theoretically do this with flows. One flow would set the Anniversary Date based on the oldest opportunity, one flow to update the amount sold on the account in the last year as "points", and a final flow that schedules itself for one year out to reset each account on their anniversary. The remaining piece is just a formula at that point. I ...


Create a validation rule on ContentVersion that compares the FileType to a list of file extension types that match the types you want to prevent.

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