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You cannot add tables directly in Rich Text Area, however, you can copy and paste them from MS Excel, for example. The result will be like this:


You can do it with Apex. If you have only 1 image in the text you can use the following sample code. String contactId; Contact c = [ SELECT Id, Picture__c FROM Contact WHERE Id = :contactId ]; c.Picture__c = c.Picture__c.replace('<img', '<img style="height: 256px"'); update contacts; Note: update SObject name and field name ...


For the time being, I replaced the input-field with a input-rich-text and handled the loading & saving of the data separate from the record-edit-form saving the rest of my data.


This problem is caused by the EXIF extension in this article, combined with the fact that apparently image-rotation is, by default, 0deg, so any compliant browser isn't allowed to show the image right-side-up. The only fix for this is to reorient the image properly by using an image manipulation algorithm capable of reordering the pixels in the file, such ...

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