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{"message":"This session is not valid for use with the REST API","errorCode":"INVALID_SESSION_ID"}]

I beleive this RestApiIntegrationController is getting called from UI, LWC or Aura. So when you do a UserInfo.getSessionID(), it will fetch session Id of lightning domain. Which wont work for calling ...
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Why does Salesforce standard API sends records in batches, even though no batch size specified?

There are two modes of operation in Salesforce: synchronous and asynchronous. A synchronous request needs to be responsive as possible so that all subscribers have fair access to the service they are ...
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How can I get the delivery details of a email sended by /interaction/v1/events

The "key" using here is the triggered send external key in the triggered send definition/ the Event Definition Key in the transactional journey. After you determined the correct key, you can ...
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Composite sObject Collection call not reaching limit

Your second request works because it has only a single subrequest (in which you create 6 Contact records) rather than 6 subrequests. The following would fail (or at least it should) because it ...
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Export view details from Journey Builder

In your current SQL, you are searching for subscribers in the journey that received an email. However, on the screenshot, you have Update Contact Activity, which is not anyhow related to the email ...
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SFMC Device ID(s) by Contact Key - REST API

You can do that with the /contacts/v1/attributes/search endpoint. Example payload: { "request": { "attributes": [ { "key": "...
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