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Working with production record types in a managed package

First you need to check to see if record types are enabled on the object you're dealing with - one of the pains of being an ISV is that you have no control over the environment where your code runs. I'...
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Not able to remove the default record type from Some Standard Community Profile and External Profile

According to the Salesforce documentation, some standard profiles, such as Chatter Only, Chatter Free, Package License Manager, Platform Integration User, and Salesforce Administrator, do not allow ...
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View default record type on all the objects on a particular profile

You can go to Setup -> Profile -> System Administrator (can be any profile; Click on this name) Look under the Record Type Settings section, it will show all the available record type for the ...
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Record types, with their corresponding reason and subreasons

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to do this via a SOQL query. Your best bet is the UI API, which you can query via Salesforce Workbench. Go to Utilities, REST Explorer and do a GET request to ...
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Custom Field Definition ID: bad value for restricted picklist field: RecordType

I think you may have accidentally mapped a field twice in the Salesforce connector. Check through your field mappings to be sure that each field is only mapped once. In this case, I can recommend you ...
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