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MarketingCloudSDK Crashes SwiftUI App in Beta TestFlight: _dispatch_once

This is because of accessing keychain from the background when data protection is enabled. Add the below code before SDK init and we should not be seeing the crash anymore. SFMCSdk....
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Sending Push Notifications Within Journeys Triggered By An API Event Without DeviceID

As long as the contact in your API event is already tied to a device ID in the Mobile Push channel, journey builder can send the Push Notification message to that contact without needing the Device ID ...
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Push notifications stops working after a while

Google has become more aggressive about "quieting" your device. The Marketing Cloud does not currently (as of 20230719) offer a way to mark a message as a priority message. The messages will ...
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Multiple users and one device, logged in/logged out use cases for contact key registration

Multiple users on a single device is not a supported use-case with SFMC Push. SDK does not handle the login/logout scenarios. Since the deviceId would be static for the installation, Setting the ...
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