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Can´t add action to Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions

Make sure in the top left panel, you have selected the Mobile & Lightning Action item. Otherwise it will not allow you to add. Please refer below -
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3 votes

Salesforce Email Quick action not shown in Case Feed View

Finally i found the Answer - We need to change "Email Deliverability" Settings to "All Emails" instead of System Emails or No Access.
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2 votes

Email Action Not available in Salesforce Service Cloud Publisher Layout

Email button is not showing since you are using global email action in the Quick Action. If you can closely look into the properties, you will see like this. Remove that action from page layout Go ...
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1 vote

Publisher actions not available in case feed for service console

I actually figured this one out if anyone is interested. The items you create in the case feed for Service Console can be found in the "Quick Actions" section. They must be placed into the "Quick ...
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1 vote

Salesforce Email Quick action not shown in Case Feed View

You have to enable Email-to-Case in order to have this functionality. Please go to Setup-->Case--> Email-to-Case Enable Email-To-Case checkbox. Then go to the Case Page layout, you will find the ...
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1 vote

Automatically expand publisher when directed to Case Feed from VF page

Create a new VF page that simply renders the standard layout using <apex:detail>, but has some additional logic that inspects the URL parameters to determine if the publisher should be expanded (...
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1 vote

Standard Quick Actions doesn't show on Case object

The first things I check when I don't see the quick-actions I expect to see are do I have the permissions to make the change? for create-record actions, is the record type specified on the quick-...
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