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You can do that by making the Email Address attribute readOnly in your Profile Center. Go to Email Studio > Profile Center then click on EmailAddress attribute and check the ReadOnly checkbox:


FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION implies there is either a custom validation rule on the object or trigger having some validation (using addError on the field) and this is not due to platform out of box error or a process stopping insertion of content object. To get it running look into the validation rules and create your test data so that it successfully ...


Rather than try to research all these, just remove them from the profile XML, then re-deploy. This should fix the files without needing to use the UI. However, please note that some permissions may have been added by the Winter '20 update, and standard profiles cannot generally be modified in terms of system permissions. This is why most organizations opt to ...


Q1: its related to record level issue or profile issue. Why iam not able to view record detail page for few records ? Record-level access is always the culprit when you can view some but not all records of a given object. Q2.if I dont have view access then I need throw insufficient privilage error so far i knw i can use user record object to the read and ...


You are referring to Setup Search Results Page (Beta) As you can see, the columns are fixed: Name Type Object Last Modified Date Last Modified By These are fixed because the Setup search is searching across many different object types and hence ProfileId would not apply to a Custom Object, Field, Email Alert, Approval Process, ... The Setup Search is ...


Goto Object Manager, Search for User Object. Navigate to User Object and there is an option for Search Layout, Edit the Search Layout and add the field "Profile" to Search Layout. Attaching screenshot for your reference.


No, there's no way to set this with a script. Metadata deployments can only access "public" information. Almost anything in My Personal Information are not accessible, including using default record types, email signatures, etc.

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