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Salesforce Platform Developer II superbadge

Update: As of December 15th 2017, the final two superbadges; Lightning Component Framework Specialist and Advanced Apex Development are now available so you can complete your PDII journey and get ...
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Platform Developer 2 Exam

It takes approximately one week. They issue the certification regularly, but it is not instantaneous. From the Knowledge article Link Your Trailhead and Webassessor Accounts: Step 4 - Salesforce ...
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New Certified Platform Developer II Exam

This certification program is still in beta - actually it's available to everyone from today, I got the email a couple of hours ago. The reason this certification doesn't have a passing score is ...
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PDII certification

As per the Platform Developer II certification page, you can do the Trailhead super badges and the PDII Proctored multi-choice exam independently. There is no requirement to do the exam before or ...
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Platform Developer 2 Exam

Certification does not monitor Stack Exchange. I would suggest opening a case at certification.salesforce.com.
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Is lightning components' development in scope of Platform Dev 2?

Nope. Maybe one or two questions in the exam but not in the programming portion at all. I took the programming part of the exam last fall and LEX never got enabled in my org. So it won't be ...
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Salesforce certification expiration

1.You don't have to pay anything for maintenance of certification(unless it is expired). 2.You can take Platform Developer II exam if your Platform Developer I certification is not expired and you ...
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