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the solution I propose uses the Salesforce CLI (find it here: The reason for this is, that the cli enables you to interact with the org from your local pc. Which includes the most important points here, meaning the retrieval and deployment of your desired metadata. There are five basic steps that you have to ...


We have a Dev Hub set up in our company org. Each managed package namespace is set up in that org using Namespace Registries / Link Namespace (see Link a Namespace to a Dev Hub Org). So you just need one Dev Hub for multiple managed packages.


This answer assumes you are asking about Custom Settings not Custom Metadata Types. You can set up your custom settings in your test code. Presumably your product code varies depending on those settings, so individual test methods will set up different permutations, e.g.: @IsTest static void myTest() { MyCustomSetting__c sob = MyCustomSetting__c....

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