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As the name suggests its a Read-Only, so no other permission will be there by default. Provided that the user has a record level permission, it will be able to read/Query the records. Q. What if the user assigned to this profile will try to read accounts? Q. What kind of records this profile is able to read? The answer to both questions is the same and ...


The Visualforce page has built-in measures to respect the CRUD/FLS settings of the logged-in user. As the trailhead unit describes: This table displays the object fields using standard object notation--{!p.Name}, {!p.Description__c}, {!p.Found__c}, {!p.Castle__r.Name}--so by default the platform enforces any CRUD and FLS restrictions. This is why, just ...


"Grant Access Using Hierarchies" only works on DIRECT reports. That means that if A is "VP of Sales" and B is "Director of HR", unless HR reports to Sales then people in Role A will not automatically see records owned by Role B.


Best way to debug this is to go to the account that's visible by user B and click the "Sharing" button (available on Classic interface). The sharing screen will provide a table of all users with access to this record, and the reason for their access.


Below is the snapshot of the access levels for Price book Please refer to this link for more information

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