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How to set scope in Auth provider for extending token expiry on JIRA server?

This is a known limitation in Jira on premise. For Jira cloud, it works fine with the scope. Refer known issues in jira server section.
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Named Credential is not automatically refreshing the token

I had the same problem. All the tutorials use what Salesforce now calls "Legacy" Named Credential and it never worked more than 24h. But I made it work now. At least it still works after ...
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Refresh Salesforce OAuth Refresh Token Before Expiry with Named and External Credentials

In OAuth, the refresh token is the mechanism by which access tokens are refreshed. If the refresh token itself expires, a user must log in again. There is no mechanism in OAuth to "refresh" ...
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Is there a way to validate the web app authentication integation on SFMC?

Just try it, that is not really something you need much special knowledge in Marketing Cloud for. Mess your subdomain up on purpose, send the API call. It returns StatusCode 596 unknown. React on that ...
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OAUth Issue: OAuth_Approval_Error_Generic

Make sure Default Scopes=refresh_token full in Auth Provider.
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