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You can query CustomNotificationType in Tooling API, as the article suggests. In workbench you can do this by navigating to utilities->REST Explorer and then executing the following GET request: /services/data/v46.0/tooling/query?q=Select+Id,CustomNotifTypeName+from+CustomNotificationType


When you wire a class field/property, you can handle error only in HTML. You cannot handle error in Javascript (to show toast) by using class property. JS: @wire(getAccounts) accounts = []; //class field/property HTML: <template if:true={accounts.error} <c-error-panel errors={accounts.error}></...


With @wire, you can provide a method instead: @track accounts = []; @wire(loadAccounts) wireAccountLoaded({data, error}) { if(data) { this.accounts = data; } else { this.toastError(error, 'Errors'); } } This is demonstrated in the documentation.

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