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try this <aura:attribute name="ns" type="String" description="pkg namespace" /> <ltng:require scripts="{! '/resource/<yourfoldername>/' + v.ns + '__' + <your resource name>}" /> Be sure to include any additional folders in the path with the folder name


Is it possible simply to bring all the data from the non-namespaced fields to the namespaced fields? No. You can't change or add a namespace to an existing package, and the new package you'll need to create will create namespaced versions of those fields. You'll have to uninstall the old package, install the new one, and copy the data manually. Will the ...


In order to include translations in your managed package, you just need to specify them in the package manifest. This is the same process as adding a custom field, object, class, etc. In order to deploy translations to a Scratch Org, the Translation Workbench must first be enabled. To do this, include the following settings in your org configuration file: ...


What I found for now is that Platform Cache is enabled in Dev orgs but the size of partitions is 0Mb so we can't test anything. I deployed a managed package to an org, but when trying to put using Cache.Org.put('someKey', ...); I got the message Failed Cache.Org.put() for key 'someKey': Cross-namespace PUT not supported. So apparently we had to bundle a ...

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