Going off what David said, the easier part is that it can limit how much you manually go through, but the important thing is you'll need some analysis in each type to figure out if there's action needed. As mentioned, you want to see how the object is referenced in the different metadata types and search each. I'd be doing this in my IDE with all the ...


You're going to need to pull your metadata down to an IDE, such as Visual Studio Code with the Salesforce Extension Pack, and review it there. You won't be able to achieve this with a query. Each metadata entity (Apex code, Process Builder, Workflow Rule, etc) stores its logic differently and must be evaluated differently for this objective, which may also ...


Removing the ManageHubConnections userpermissions metadata block under the Admin.profile allowed me to deploy successfully. <userPermissions> <enabled>true</enabled> <name>ManageHubConnections</name> </userPermissions>

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