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Get All the Reports Metadata Backup

Using VSCode with the Org connection established, you may navigate to Reports -> Select Folder you want to backup -> Click on the Download icon next to specific Reports Folder and Report. ...
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MetadataService readMetadata returns null for Record Type

Record Types need to have their namespace included with "<Object API Name>.<Namespace Prefix + __><Record Type Developer Name>". I was able to solve this by modifying the ...
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Managed Package: Field History Not Reflecting After Installation/Upgrade

As per documentation Field History Tracking is supported on custom objects in managed packages. However, if the package developer updates the packaged field history settings, those settings aren’t ...
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Creating/updating NamedCredential from Apex

On v59.0, Salesforce has added some nice methods to work with Named Credentials / External Credentials without the need of installing apex-mdapi. You can find some usage examples here, and the ...
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