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Well, the situation is complicated. So let's break it down: All Contacts Salesforce bills Marketing Cloud on total number of Contacts within the system. (...) Is this the Email Studio > All Subscribers list or the Contact Builder > All Contacts list? As the Contact Definition and Count Determination states, the following objects are being automatically ...


Hi it seems a know issue: did you go through this url, I think yes Marketing Cloud Connect integrated sends failing after installing package for the first time:


Yes, you need to take care of them. Nothing is deleted from Sales Cloud - you would have to create a process for this. The only things "visible" in Sales Cloud, would be the status of the email send in Individual Email Results and the EmailOptOut flag on a Contact/Lead (if you're using it). Also, nothing is deleted in Marketing Cloud - here is how this ...


Yes, but you would have to upgrade to multi-org. With multi-org, you would be able to connect the parent with your Salesforce org using one API user and choose which objects should synchronize, and connect the child BU to the same org using a different API user and choose different objects to be synchronized. Take a look here at this example from Multi-Org ...


One alternative way to get this working is stop using the out of box generated apex class and instead hand craft the required SOAP request and make an https callout using http system class. The out of box functionality today t hat converts WSDL to apex does not support wss security. Check the post here (Forming SOAP header through apex class if the WSDL ...


I ended up creating a support ticket. Support said that all the settings on our side were correct and that the fault was on their side. They told me that they had to "reset the servers", which sounds very vague, but in the end it worked and I was able to connect all accounts successfully.

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