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Your device needs to be registered with Push. In order to receive InApp Messages, you need to set a Contact Key.


You are right, it's not explicitly mentioned in the Trailhead, but if you want your users to be able to use Salesforce Data (Salesforce Data Events within Journey Builder, Send to Salesforce Reports, Send to Salesforce Campaigns, etc.), you need to check this checkbox on the user record in Sales Cloud for each user who should have this permission. Grant all ...


No, the child BU can't use the parent BU's connected CRM org in Salesforce Data entry events, and can't send tracking back to that org. The main purpose of BUs is to limit the access of data between teams so allowing this functionality would be risky. You can still build segments off the Synchronized DEs and share these across BUs.


Salesforce doesn't remove converted Leads, so they will be retained in the synchronized DE indefinitely. Once converted to a Contact, you'll have both the converted Lead and Contact records syncing into synchronized data extensions. This unfortunately leads to duplication that's hard to avoid and counts toward your contact limit, from a billing perspective. ...


This would be a use case for creating a custom activity which requires development up front, but can then be conveniently used inside a journey for your marketers. In the interface it is then displayed just like any other activity and can be added to your journey canvas via drag and drop. Configuration steps can be fully configured to your needs. However, ...

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