It seems like what you're looking for is SSO with salesforce as both the SP and IP. I've never tried it within the same org however. Here is some info that you can try to use: Salesforce to Salesforce SSO SSO in communities In theory, you set up SSO, Then you enable your community to use SSO pointing to Salesforce as the IP, then you create a login flow ...


The Metadata Coverage Report is the centralized location for which metadata elements are supported by functionality like Salesforce DX and the Metadata API. The LoginFlow component is not supported by source tracking, which drives sfdx force:source:pull. It's also not supported by the Metadata API or any version of packaging. Unfortunately, you won't be ...


You have to remove it from Setup > Login Flows, not only deactivate it from Flows because it's still looking for the flow to be executed.

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