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Can a Login Flow know which Connected App started it?

You may be in luck. There's something call the ExperienceID or expid that potentially could be used to do what you want to achieve. Its primary purpose is to be able to customize the "branding ...
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How to invoke a flow/trigger if a user fails login attempt?

You cannot run a process builder/trigger/workflow without logging in. The best you do is with invalid password then lockout the user. Set the lockout effective period to forever, then show a locked ...
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Do Login Flows Get Triggered when attepting to "Login As" another User?

I spoke to our Salesforce team that owns this feature and confirmed that when logging in as another user that has login flows on their profiles, the admin user is not subject to login flows. And when ...
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Can we use login flows to display based specific criteria?

Yes, that is one of the examples giving in the official documentation. Seems there is even a link to an unmanaged package to install different login flow samples into your org.
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Unable to login to salesforce - Lightning to Outlook Sync

While I agree that seems like an issue (aka a bug), you should be able to parse the user agent in the login flow or the platform to determine if they are coming from outlook and bypass the login flow ...
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How to bypass Salesforce MFA using trusted IP address?

I have just had a discussion with a Salesforce Support Agent about this topic today. Unfortunately, there is no options to bypass it at the moment. They confirmed it. The trusted ip ranges can be used ...
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How to redirect user from one community to another using Login Flow without needed to re-authenticate?

It seems like what you're looking for is SSO with salesforce as both the SP and IP. I've never tried it within the same org however. Here is some info that you can try to use: Salesforce to ...
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Automatically Login via SSO Connected App

If you disable the Username and Password Login option in your Org B my domain settings, you can achieve this functionality
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Matching SessionId from SessionManagement Class to SessionKey from LogoutEventStream

The Platform Event runs as a separate transaction and as Automated Process user so it makes sense there is no match between value in the PE and the current trigger user's session So, this is how I ...
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stuck on login flow not able to move forward to org

You can connect the org via SFDX using this command. sfdx auth:web:login --setalias orgalias --instanceurl Then use sfdx force:org:open -u orgalias This will escape login ...
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stuck on login flow not able to move forward to org

So sad to hear this. Try deactivating the flow from VS code which you used in your login flow. OR The other thing you can do is - In your VS Code retrieve the flow which you have created. You have ...
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Unable to upload a file in login flow

Just create a html input tag: <input type="file" class="slds-file-selector__input slds-assistive-text" accept="image/png" ...
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Should custom login flows be pulled by sfdx force:source:pull

The Metadata Coverage Report is the centralized location for which metadata elements are supported by functionality like Salesforce DX and the Metadata API. The LoginFlow component is not supported ...
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Not able to login to salesforce with deactivated login flow

You have to remove it from Setup > Login Flows, not only deactivate it from Flows because it's still looking for the flow to be executed.
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How to connect to one salesforce org from another salesforce org

Check this article(Connecting one Org to another via Rest API) : Note: this uses connected App but ...
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Login Flows (Salesforce) with IE11

This could be a known issue check this link. At present the only workaround is to use chrome and firefox. You can build something custom to overcome this instead of using login flow
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How to deploy a Login flow in Salesforce using ANT Migration tool

In API Version 53 (probably a few versions earlier as well), the loginFlow is specified within the Profile. Deploying the Profile should also deploy the LoginFlow. However, be advised that deploying ...
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How Can I Capture Debug Logs From Login Flows?

Have you tried setting debug log for the user who is facing error in login. I am sure, there would be class invoked in login flow (if using the login flow provided on SF blog) and you can capture ...
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Packaging login flow OR connecting a login flow to profile programmatically in Post Installation Script

You cannot include Login Flows in packages. See list of components that can be added to packages. Also there is no way to create login flow pragmatically using post installation scripts. Login flow ...
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Salesforce Communities Login Flow to external APIs

You can use the @invocableMethod annotation to make a static Apex method available to use in a Login Flow. You cannot run a trigger on logins as of S17.
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