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This is probably because the clas Name contains the definition of another inner class like this: public class name{ public class test{ } } If so, you have to specify the parent class name before referencing the test inner class. So if you want to make a list of records of type name.test, you have to use: List<name.test>


Generally speaking, when I have a question, the first place I look is at the documentation. Ordering by multiple columns is listed in ORDER BY in the SOQL & SOSL documentation (emphasis mine) The following factors affect results returned with ORDER BY: Sorting is case insensitive. ORDER BY is compatible with relationship query syntax. ...


Aside from the potential problems with governor limits, getting your 10k lists is pretty simple: sObject[] dmlExecuteList = new sObject[0]; while(!recordListInsert.isEmpty() && dmlExecuteList.size() < 10000) { // Removes first item from recordListInsert and adds it to the dmlExecuteList dmlExecuteList.add(recordListInsert.remove(0)); } insert ...


Yes, you need to order like below SELECT Id, CreatedDate, ZooId ORDER BY ZooId DESC, CreatedDate DESC

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