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Editing dependant picklists in a list view - is it possible?

Inline edit is not available for controlling or dependent picklists. In this help page you can find the list of fields and field types that aren’t inline editable: Built-in fields like Record ID or ...
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How can i change default list view for custom object

In the normal Classic mode, you can't override or default this page to go into your default view. You can either create a new Classic Console, or switch to Lightning Experience.
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Can't load the list view Salesforce Mobile app

I just had this issue in desktop Salesforce, so posting in case anyone is googling for the same answer - "Can't load the listview." The issue was due to the Profile assigned to the user did ...
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Empty "List View Button Layout" for the Quote object?

This seem to be a case of Works As Designed. Unfortunately quote list view aren't available on quote object. Kindly review limitation here and upvote.
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Sort list/kanban view by integer formula field

Yes, it is possible to do this. Here is my Account List View sorted by Days Old (a Number formula field):
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