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Go to the particular object's field ("myCustomField__c") in in your Org and remove the HelpText value given there. It go out from the Lightning page. Or you inspect the particular help icon area on page and find the some unique class of help icon.And just override the class with display: none; . You can refer this [


Standard Address field on Lead object is compound type of field which is a combination of Street, City, State, Country and PostalCode thats why in your console log you are seeing address as a JSON object rather than string value. You might want to try separate lightning input tags for each of the field included in Address compound field then I think it will ...


Use event to capture fields. handleSubmit(event) { event.preventDefault(); const inputFields = event.detail.fields; if (inputFields) { inputFields.forEach(field => { console.log('Field is==> ' + field.fieldName); console.log('Field is==> ' + field.value); }); } this.template.querySelector('...


try this <div class="slds-form-element"> <label class="slds-form-element__label" >{labelSubject}</label> <lightning-input-field variant='label-hidden' field-name={nameField} required></lightning-input-field> </div> Take a look at the variants of this component to change the label's ...


Change the this.template.querySelector('lightning-record-edit-form').submit(inputFields); in handleSubmit() to just this.template.querySelector("lightning-record-edit-form").submit(); and it would work. Also, you have onsuccess event handler in the form but no handler function in the js - may be missed in copy paste.

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