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window.postMessage does not work in lightning console app. Any workaround?

This is an expected behaviour since postMessage with targetOrigin '*' sends the message with no target preference and your tabs are in the same lightning container. The window.postMessage() method ...
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Choose target location for force:createRecord event

I faced a similar issue working in lightning service console. I used workspace api to close the tab before firing the force:createRecord event. This helped me to tackle it. Do check out the code ...
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Application event scope in Lightning Console Apps across console tabs?

My POC shows that this is indeed true, probably by design (I guess it makes sense, sort of). Lightning-console apps consider every LOADED tab in scope of an application event. To further complicate ...
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In Lightning: Record Edit modal box is not opening for first time [using $A.get("e.force:navigateToURL");]

Use navigation api in combination with your workspace api. Like this: handleRecordTypeSelection: function (component, event, helper) { var recordTypeName = event.getSource().get("v.value"); ...
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Can Omni-Channel be used with Sales Cloud using Service Cloud feature license?

Yes we can use omni-channel with lead using service cloud license. In my current project we have service cloud license and we are using omnichannel to route leads to agent. Make sure on user record ...
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Navigate to another page in LEX? (PrimaryTab or SubTab)

As of 3-19-18, the best supported way to accomplish opening a Lightning Component programatically as a workspace or subtab is using the navigateToComponent event:
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Lightning Refresh Console Tab to New Record Type Flexipage

I do find that one way to force recent Apex updates to be "seen" by the client-side cache is by forcing Lightning Data Service to reload the record. So the same component that is calling the Apex ...
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Salesforce lightning Standard Navigation openPrimaryTab() not working

Lightning already offers lightning:workspaceAPI, which provides access to console controls. Here you can see an example: ({ openTab : function(component, event, helper) { var workspaceAPI =...
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