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Thanks for the info, Jack. Question: Can you import raw text inside a rich text field too, or does it have to be in Rich Text (i.e. html) form? Also, is it possible to import the owner of the article using the OwnerID field? I tried doing that but keep getting an error. But if you can't specify an article owner, then the owner automatically becomes the ...


Using the Tooling API -- find the standard value set and delete that SourceMember record that is used by Source Tracking in the org. select id, MemberName, MemberType from SourceMember where MemberType='StandardValueSet' and MemberName='KnowledgeValidationStatus' Then clear the source tracking in your local DX project sfdx force:source:tracking:clear


You need to use --plan to get more records out. If you don't have a plan, you're technically limited to the REST API that powers importing. It's limited to 200 records across all trees, so to import more than 200 records, you need a plan file, and the files will be imported in batches of 200.


long story short, On Vote object, we have lookup relation to Knowledge_ka object, On Both Knowledge_kav, Knowledge_ka objects we have articleNumber field. So, to find the vote count, select id,ArticleNumber from Knowledge__kav where id='Knowledge__kav_Record_Id' select id,ArticleNumber from Knowledge__ka where ArticleNumber='...


The knowledge article Considerations and activation of 'Create Audit Fields' has a list of objects that are available for these kinds of updates, and unfortunately Knowledge Article isn't one of them. Perhaps you could make use of a custom field somehow so that the data is still there?

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