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Hiding HTML table of code within Ampscript IF-ELSE Statement - Reduce file size?

As Ampscript is interpreted in the backend, HTML content shown conditionally using logic does not count towards the size of the email, if it is hidden. Consider this case: %%[IF @lead == "MQL&...
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Static Resource in Head Markup of Experience Cloud Site not loading

After much trial and error, I was able to resolve the issue by making the URL dynamic instead of static. Instead of using a static URL like ../resource/1714710524000/staticresource, I made it dynamic ...
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custom Email Service - inline images appear as '[Image is no longer available]' upon Reply/ReplyAll

I figured out the root cause of this issue after spending 2 full weeks on it. Change this: attachmentsMap.put( contentId, new Attachment( name = binaryAttachment.fileName, ...
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