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The lightning-input does not support the multiline text. you need to use the lightning-textarea <lightning-textarea name="input1" label="Enter some text" ></lightning-textarea> Textarea Documentations


For anyone's facing the similar issue, using named pages and selectors, combined with background image solved the issue. @page last_page { background-image: url("{!$Resource.backgroundImage}"); margin: 0 0 0 0; } .last_page{ ...


You are using slds-size class which gives available size for each div anything that goes beyond that size will automatically come on next line you can give more size to your second div like this and using float on inner div to shift it right like this <section class='slds-grid slds-wrap'> <div class='slds-col slds-size_7-of-12'> ...


Not a full answer but a hint, the Visualforce to PDF Capabilities are very limited when it comes to CSS. There is barely any support for page attributes. I would try it with an img tag to solve it. I hope this helps!

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