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Template marketing cloud: I would like to unlock full html, so that I can personnalize my template with class and tables

You don't. Marketing Cloud templates are locked for a reason - so that people not comfortable with HTML wouldn't be able to mess them up. What you can do is copy the code and create a new, HTML-paste ...
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LWC1041: Static id values are not allowed in iterators. Id values must be unique within a template and must be computed with an expression

You can't use expressions like you would in Aura. You would need to calculate a value in your data and use that: <div key={section.guid} id={section.guid}> Which would be calculated somehow: ...
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Salesforce Napili Community:How to give background color to the whole HTML body section?

The way you are trying to add CSS is kinda flawed. You have to define the CSS tags in style attribute for them to work. You can use Inline Styles Like I did. As you cannot use **<Style>** tag ...
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