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How to override Salesforce Home tab with custom Visualforce Page

You can not override entire Home tab by the visualforce page. Though, you can create home page component and use your visualforce in the component and finally add the component into this homepage. ...
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Is that possible to use one-column layout for lightning home page layout?

Looks like there is an option but available only in Winter'18 release. You need to create the following component HomePageSingleColumnTemplate with the following code <aura:component implements="...
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Is it now possible to add more than one dashboard to the home page in Salesforce?

At this time, customers are only able to put up to three dashboards components on their Homepage at a time. As a workaround customers can customize their Homepage by selecting a different dashboards ...
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Automatically redirect users to another visualforce page from Home Page

You're right that you should not be using this behavior. Normally, you should set a Default Tab for the App that the user uses. When they log in, they will be redirected to this Tab automatically, if ...
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How to override Salesforce Home tab with custom Visualforce Page

You may add the VF page as a section of the home page [a bit like inline VF]. Here are the steps to follow : You should create a Home Page Component. Setup > Customize > Home > Home Page ...
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Showing full dashboard on Home Page

Your approach will not work.Try building dashboard with analytics:reportchart and embed this page in visuaforce homecomponent <apex:page> <apex:panelGrid columns="3"> <apex:...
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How to show ONLY a VF page to a user?

You can do the next steps Create a visualforce. Create a app and set default page is the visualforce. Duplicate a Profile for that user and in the profile configurate that only can access to the new ...
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