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How can I determine the exit status of an sfdx command in a shell script?

Thanks Phil W for your comment. I am inexperienced in Shell scripting and was unaware of the generic exit code. I posted here thinking I needed to know how to determine specific error details of the ...
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JSON web token error when authorising a Github Action

Figured it out, was missing -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- & -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY----- in my server.key as I'd copied it into an environment variable.
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Any way to fix this out of memory error installing @salesforce/sfdx-scanner?

Edit: This has been fixed. You should see no error installing plugins now This is a noted issue that isn't specific to sfdx-scanner, but installing plugins. Based on info in that issue, it seems the ...
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Marketing Cloud SDK crash 8.0.8 and then On upgrade to 8.0.11 - Please add correct version of MarketingCloudSDK.bundle, Added version: 8.0.8/8.0.11

We were able to verify that a relatively new Xcode setting (manageAppVersionAndBuildNumber) will alter our SDK’s ability to verify the versions of its components. The issue only surfaces when the ...
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Is it possible to authenticate your packaging orgs using a connected app in your DevHub org using jwt auth flow?

After doing some more digging, I realize my question is from a lack of understanding of DevHubs, scratch orgs, and the relationship between the two. If you create a connected app in your devhub, you ...
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How to get Codecov to consume Apex coverage data without getting stuck "Processing..."?

Codecov support think that this Salesforce change is tripping up their parser so will look at it a bit more. Apex is probably ...
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