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Can you call the Marketing Cloud Fuel/REST API to effect a master unsubscribe?

I know what you are referring to; you are looking at /contacts/v1/contacts route with a PATCH method. Unfortunately, you can only use this to modify the email address or HTML boolean attribute. You ...
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Is Java ETClient threadsafe?

Looking at the source code, it appears to have several synchronized functions (in regards to maintaining a session), and the remaining functions look like they don't depend on data in a non-thread-...
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Java SDK - Setting Additional Attributes for a Triggered Send

The question is old so you might already have the answer, but I'll still post this. You can use the REST API to pass additional attributes to a Triggered Send. Http callouts are simpler than SOAP. ...
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Need to set a nullable field back to null using the REST API

This might be too little too late, but what you need is an array in your payload object of nullable fields. So fuel({ method: 'PUT', url: '
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