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Best way to lessen the characters used in a formula field

You can rely on some common patterns in your example and use the CONTAINS function within nested IFs with the last else use case being the CASE to handle odd-balls IF (CONTAINS(...
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Best way to lessen the characters used in a formula field

If I were to address this requirement, I would introduce an object to represent the various programs (e.g. Program__c) and have that object hold both the program name and the type of institution. I'd ...
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How to write a formula to match a month prior to today's date with a date field on the contact

All of the details of handling dates (and there are a lot more details than most people realize) are handled automatically when using ADDMONTHS() and also when adding/subtracting a number of days, e.g....
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How to calculate the number of days until close on a summary-level formula column in a report?

I believe you should be using the API name of the field, which is CloseDate if the main object of your report is the opportunity. You can read this article too, on Salesforce Ben, about Summary ...
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