Skip to main content Sites technology is used to build public facing websites that run on the platform. The pages of a Site are built with Visualforce. Sites is one of the two Salesforce technologies, being the other, for constructing public facing websites.

Questions related to the administration, design, development, usage, or any other part of Sites are appropriate for this tag. Sites and are the two Salesforce technologies that can be used to publish public facing websites. Sites can use Visualforce and Apex directly whereas cannot. Sites is not a Content Management System (CMS) like; however, there are CMS AppExchange Apps that can be used in conjunction with Sites to provide a CMS experience without Sites together with Customer Portal can be used to provide authenticated Sites; however, at this time custom SSL certificates are not supported so all https requests use the domain.

The developerforce page for sites is a central page that contains links to suggested learning paths, sites resources, demos, webinars, and a gallery of live sites.

An Introduction to Sites provides a thorough introduction to Sites.

Salesforce's Sites Implementation Guide is the main reference for Sites.