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When you are creating your test ContentVersion, you should define PathOnClient for FileType to be available. Also no need to set VersionData with EncodingUtil.base64Decode(body), it would be enough to just set it as Blob.valueOf(body). String OUTPUT_DOCUMENT_NAME = 'OUTPUT_DOCUMENT_NAME'; insert new ContentVersion( Title = OUTPUT_DOCUMENT_NAME, ...


Relationship between ContentVersion object and Document object goes over the general model ContentDocument ContentVersion ContentDocumentLink Your focus is on the behavior on upload - there's essentially two scenarios when uploading a file through the standard UI. Upload a file through the files tab. Upload a file while in a record context (object, ...


These Permissions can be only changed by Salesforce Support Team. You need to open a Case to salesforce support team and give the details so they will validate and change it.


This sounds like you want to look at sandbox templates: Just be aware that you cannot select the records, it will be all for that object. Also some objects have dependencies so will require other objects, and their respective records. For Files I believe it is Content Body ...

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