Field Service Lightning is a powerful, customizable set of features that you can use to set up a mobile-friendly field service hub in Salesforce. It includes the objects involved in inventory management and work scheduling, such as Asset, Service Resources, Territories, Service Appointment, and Work Order. Also included are the managed package which performs scheduling optimization and related tasks and the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Field Service Lightning

Running a field service business means managing a lot of moving parts. With Field Service Lightning, you get the tools you need to manage work orders, scheduling, and your mobile workforce. Here are some of the things you can do.

  • Create service resources and service crews that represent your field service technicians, and add details about their skills, service territories, and availability
  • Set up multi-level service territories that represent the regions where your technicians can work
  • Track the location and status of your product inventory, warehouses, service vehicles, and customer sites
  • Schedule one-time or recurring work orders for customers, and add details about technician preference and required skills and parts
  • Create maintenance plans and templates to standardize your field service tasks
  • Generate service reports to keep customers informed about service progress

What’s Included in Field Service Lightning

When Field Service Lightning is enabled, you gain access to a [suite of standard objects4 that you can find in Setup and as tabs in Salesforce.

If you need advanced scheduling capabilities, download the Field Service Lightning managed package. The managed package builds on the standard objects and includes:

  • A scheduling optimizer that allocates resources to appointments in the most efficient way possible by accounting for technician skill level, travel time, location, and other factors
  • A dynamic scheduling console that gives dispatchers and supervisors a bird’s-eye view of all scheduled appointments
  • Out-of-the-box scheduling policies and triggers that help you customize your scheduling model and display preferences

The offline-friendly Field Service Lightning mobile app for iOS and Android makes work a pleasure for technicians in the field, who can update work orders, track parts, gather customer signatures, and connect with dispatchers from their mobile devices. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

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