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Using SAML to authenticate user for a site

If I understand your question correctly, this should be the approach you should be following. sites do support SSO using SAML. You need to provide the following info for your identity ...
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How to exclude API users from Federated SSO

1.Make sure your API users does not have Federated Id populated .In other terms leave that as blank . 2.In My domain make sure , Prevent login from option is unchecked so ...
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SSO - delegated/federated limitations with community

According to your UseCase (external service first authenticates users and those users will automatically logged in to Salesforce Community). You need to use Authentication Providers. An ...
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SSO using multiple FederationID values

You can only use one value for the Federated ID. The login ID that was provided to the authentication server does not need to be the ID that is presented to Salesforce. Most systems have a concept of ...
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Can SalesForce federated search be used in conjunction with content indexed in Elasticsearch?

Disclaimer: i work for a company that does that exactly (Coveo) . And yes, you are able to do so with elastic search as well, however, if you are going to integrate such functionality within a ...
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How to exclude API users from Federated SSO

Thanks for comments and inputs, figured out finally! Below setting in SSO only prevents user logins through UI and our API logins remains unaffected, i.e even after enforcing 'Prevent login from test....
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